This incident occurred in 2017 year been alien ruled humans, Brad he himself did not know how he arrived antarctic? him was know where hidden a research base, brad his ignorance does not know what it all happened.

But guy know the previous black mesa research facility has been vanish,then their anew formed black mesa company, in this ten years success beyond the world of science and technology, but unfortunately there are more powerful aliens invasion of earth! Vanished years, Which facilities all over subglacial sciences center, disappear in a few years ago black mesa people have been looking forward to their existence, so far has not there nobody save they lost contact.

A guy called "Dolman" led staff creation the black mesa research facility, unfortunately their in darkness ice and snow Antarctica world, afterward research institute openly declare world "We The World Sciences Wonderful!" united nations considers That all this is lie.

Combine invasion of the earth scientific researchers under attack aliens threat, black mesa people will lose hope in a few months. Unexpectedly air drop down a hero save to they. His name is brad former black mesa one security guard captain, finally human together they stand up again, counter the aliens. Combine invading the earth, brad him could protect the humans must stop the war? but it impossible to doing! earth scientists nearly successfully protect humans do? The institute will not be found?

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